Graco Duoglider – A ‘best value’ stroller

October 7, 2015

When babies join the family, one key piece of equipment that is needed is a good, quality stroller. Whether having children within a three year period of each other or expecting twins, the right stroller, like a Graco Duoglider, will provide comfort to the children while having the capacity to carry everything else that a busy parent needs.

<strong>Graco Room for 2 classic connect</strong>

There are features which are highly desirable when seeking a Graco duoglider double stroller or one that can accommodate two car carriers. They need to be able to fit through doorways easily. This is especially important with double or triple strollers since older models, which were side-by-side, did not accommodate this need. Without this feature there are many models that have doorways too narrow to fit a wider piece of equipment through. The Graco, for example, is 20″ wide making maneuverability much easier.

Initially, strollers need the capacity to secure car carriers. For multiple births, this is a new feature added to many designs that allow for the attachment and security of two carriers at the same time. Designs like the “SnugRide” allow infant car seats to be attached directly to the stroller until such time as the babies develop the neck support needed to be strapped directly into the buggy.

Once physical development allows children to sit in the apparatus without as much support there are many things that need to be considered. Preferably seats will be able to recline, the rear seat will be elevated to allow maximum viewing, and footrests will be provided both front and back. Additionally, many of the newer models also include a removable tray for the rider in the front that includes a cup holder and tray.

Some of the best models on the market today also take the needs of parents into consideration. They include things like a cup holder for the parent and tray for essentials like keys or a cell phone. This ensures needed items are readily available without having to dig through bags stored under the seats of the little ones.

Newer designs have taken parent needs a step further. Some even include a clock, pedometer, and other features that will ensure goals are met in a timely manner. All of these little things may not seem important initially, but when juggling small children and all their paraphernalia, the advantage of including luxury features for parents soon becomes apparent.

One of the key features parents need to look for when searching for just the right stroller is collapsibility. Nothing is worse than having children secured in the car and not being able to leave because the stroller won’t fold up so it can be stored. This can not only be frustrating, but scary as one’s attention is drawn from little ones to how to get the equipment to fold-up. Fortunately, companies like Graco are now designing models that require only one hand to collapse and store and load equipment in much less time and with ease.

For those who are looking for a new stroller, quality is available at affordable prices. It’s important to keep the needs of the children in mind, but to remember that parents have needs too. Strollers today, like the Graco DuoGlider, have many great features that will ensure children remain safe on all their outings and keep parents happy as well. For those looking for a stroller, researching the options available is a great start.

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